new york city police department

A man repeatedly kicked a 65-year-old woman in front of witnesses who seemingly stood by. She was hospitalized with serious injuries.
The former mayor of New York City and Donald Trump's former personal attorney claimed "extortion" where none existed, said producer Monica Levinson.
A cousin of Ray Wood, a former undercover police officer, shared a confession letter in which Wood said that the agencies facilitated the assassination.
The “CBS This Morning” host showed impressive patience with Miya Ponsetto, the "Soho Karen" who falsely accused a 14-year-old of stealing her phone.
Police seek the woman who attacked the son of musician Keyon Harrold. She accused the teen of stealing her phone; turned out she left it in a cab.
“I actually ... try very hard to make sure that I am always doing the right thing,” the woman, who police say may face charges, told CNN.
New York City police said Marquis Ventura, 35, sucker-punched the "Ghostbusters" actor near Central Park last month.
The men said Assistant Chief Christopher McCormack touched them inappropriately during searches or ordered others to do so.
The City of New York Police Benevolent Association, which represents about 24,000 police officers, announced its support of Trump for the 2020 election.