new york city rats

Someone is finally telling us how big the city rodents really are.
"[The rat] joined us at the Fulton street station on the A train going downtown. Someone getting off the train was screaming
Of Mice and Man from Redglass Pictures on Vimeo. There's an interspecies war raging in New York City, and one man is doing
As the film illustrates, and as HuffPost has reported in "The Infection Loop," wild flocks of animals don't always just bring
And despite all of this, The New York City Health Department told NY1 there's nothing to indicate an increase in Brooklyn
Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live. Dr. Ostfeld added that rats are unlikely to bite humans, but that they spread disease
Coleman is unconvinced the animal discovered in Manhattan is any kind of true mystery. "Ever since 2008, when I investigated
UPDATE: While a spokesperson for the Parks Department believes the animal was a "cooked pig"-- of which the Department's
The hawk's body, and the bodies of two other dead raptors whose bodies were found in city parks, was sent to the state Department
This summer's seen no shortage of viral videos featuring rats scaring straphangers. The trash pickups used to happen "every