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The falling crime rate has led some defenders of the controversial policy to admit they were wrong.
The "textalyzer" would scan your phone for usage after a crash.
The New York Civil Liberties Union released a report exposing the extreme racial disparity.
Our state is a fairer, more just place as a result.
He's accusing New York City of violating his legal rights after installing the statue without his permission.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls his state “the progressive capital of the nation,” but when it comes to public defense, New
Critics have called New York's ailing legal defense system unconstitutional.
It is difficult to overstate just how invasive, stigmatizing, and ineffective the NYPD's surveillance of Muslim New Yorkers has been. It not only alienates people from police, but it sows mistrust and fear among community members themselves.
Or any government-backed Wi-Fi, for that matter.
Whether it is Black Lives Matter who demand to be heard or others, Fox News will attempt to shout down the movement to protect their cherished vision of a monochrome America, instead of the messy, rigidly stratified America that so many face.
Grady raised fears that releasing the records could mean witnesses being targeted for their testimony. Justice Leonard Austin
Cynthia Davis, who has worked closely with the Garner family as president of the Staten Island chapter of the National Action
“Sure, there are some matters that should legitimately be kept secret,” Lieberman continued, “but the lion’s share of what
The United Parcel Service in in hot water for their failure to accommodate pregnant women. Mariko Hirose, a staff attorney for the New York Civil Liberties Union joins HuffPost Live to discuss.