new york court of appeals

The state's highest court will consider whether former "Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos can sue the sitting president.
Books and articles have whitewashed the struggle for marriage equality.
Despite a Democratic majority in the state senate, Republicans control the upper chamber.
"You need a really good prosecutor here, somebody who knows how to do it."
Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam helped reverse a precedent in New York that tore children from their parents.
A group of New York merchants is challenging a state law it says misleads consumers.
Kaye was an early advocate for same-sex marriage and had a reputation as a reformer and consensus-builder.
What makes a park a park? Ordinarily, that might be a question for a New York dinner party. Today, it is an urgent legal question before the New York Court of Appeals. As a Villager, I'm naturally concerned that any of our local parks could be wiped out to make way for more construction. Overall, our city is park-starved.
My recent jury experience was a vivid reminder of one of the core purposes of schools, which is sometimes forgotten in all the talk about how important it is to prepare students for college and career training. That is to say, schools are an integral part of preparing students to take on the responsibilities of citizenship.
The New York Court of Appeals is a bellwether court, meaning that High Court's decisions in Aveni and Thomas are bound to have influence well beyond New York's borders. I'm hoping that the Court not only provides justice for Messrs. Aveni and Thomas, but crafts its decision in a way that helps to prevent future coerced and false confessions.