new york democratic primary

The New York governor faced off against his leftist opponent for the first and likely only time before the Sept. 13 Democratic primary.
The two gubernatorial candidates faced off in their only New York Democratic debate ahead of the primary.
The "Sex and the City" star teased that a two-candidate debate in the Democratic race for New York governor would ensure there's "nowhere to hide.”
An untold story of the New York Democratic primary is that Bernie Sanders did a whole lot better than most people think.
The House has proposed a Washington-based oversight board, and Sanders has taken a stronger stance against it than most Democrats.
Cuomo publicly snubbed Teachout; Weingarten slighted Teachout in the final hour, behind her back, and in the name of a position so obscure to the general public that Weingarten must preface it with, "Hey, you know me as a union prez, but don't think of me that way right now..." And still, Teachout took a third of the vote from Cuomo.
If you can't dish it out as well as take it, you'd better stay home, and everyone knows it. But only for a female candidate is this perceived as a negative -- although its absence would be equally perceived as a lack of assertiveness, an inability to play the game, an unfitness for office.
Though official records are incomplete, it appears that the turnout in Tuesday's Democratic primary was the lowest in modern
We've changed the debate. By articulating a strongly progressive, prevention-oriented platform and speaking directly and honestly about racial justice, we have reshaped criminal justice thinking in New York.