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Many presidential primary voters experienced a range of problems.
While Cuomo spent the summer dodging questions about his ethical conduct, Teachout gained support among progressives, who
Rep. Charlie Rangel defeated state Sen. Adriano Espaillat in the New York Democratic primary for the 13th Congressional District
But today's hot-hot rumor, the New York Post's Carl Campanile reports, is that Republicans are "nervous" the investigation
Voters in the Washington city of SeaTac raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Money did have a decisive influence on many
Bill de Blasio is officially the next mayor of New York City. He won yesterday’s election decidedly and rather easily. Read
"Three" is the number of nominations John Jay declined in his last decade or so of politics: "Two" is the number of times
Voters are heading to the polls in New York City on Tuesday to decide on the Big Apple's next mayor. Democrat Bill de Blasio
The New York City mayor's race is taking place Tuesday, November 5. Democrat Bill de Blasio is facing off against Republican