New York Gay Marriage

Rivers, who is reportedly ordained by the Universal Life Church, is quickly becoming an in-demand wedding officiant. In 2013
On the third anniversary of New York's landmark law, it is clear that the arc of history has bent toward recognizing and legalizing loving, committed relationships between couples, regardless of their sex. But there is much more to be done. How can we best change the hearts and minds of those most violently opposed to our equal rights?
"I made a commitment that I was going to run for this office, and it had nothing to do with marriage equality because as
On May 19, 54 Below will also host a reception for the winners of the American Civil Liberties Union's "My Big Gay (Il)legal
Sam and I needed to find out how to change our names. The tedious process had nothing at all to do with gay marriage. Had either one of us chosen to take the other's last name, the process would have been easy.
All 90 lbs. of my cousin Lisa is willing to travel across the country to New York, a state where her union to Therese, her partner of 15 years, will be acknowledged. But what about the people who don't have the means make their last dying wish -- a legally recognized wedding -- come true?
What a difference two years can make. On Sunday, July 24, 2011, I was one half of a same-sex couple making history in New York by legally tying the knot. Fast-forward 24 months: I'm not planning our anniversary getaway; I'm preparing for our divorce.
We had intended to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek about our marriage. In the hours leading up to the "I do," we kept trying the word "wife" on for size, and then guffawing at the absurdity of how it sounded. But before we knew it, romance had crept in.
They believe that their grandson has a right to his 70 years. But with each day that my husband and I are denied the immediate comprehension and understanding that the word "marriage" provides, it's unlikely that we'll be able to break their record.
"General Douglas MacArthur, rolling over in his grave," Robertson proclaimed. "What have they done to our cherished institution
Though same-sex marriage is already legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Washington, D.C., Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts
For Gabrielle Mecham and Ashley Saverino, Hurricane Sandy meant the delay of a wedding that was impossible in their home
On the night that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed our state's marriage equality bill into law, we immediately began planning our wedding -- why wait any longer?
Even if you could be certain that a particular candidate would be better for the economy, would you still vote for him if he threatened to put an end to your marriage, prevent you from receiving survivor benefits, and risk your losing your home?
"When we asked why [the owners told us], 'That's what my husband and I decided. We've been married a long time and it's great
Christine C. Quinn, 46, was first elected to the New York City Council in 1999 where she represented Manhattan's lower west
This week I talked with producer Josh Rosenzweig and director Keren Aronoff about their new documentary, Pride & Groom, which commemorates the first anniversary of marriage equality in the state of New York and comprises four one-hour specials.
It's important for our community to hold accountable those who betray us, undermine us, and sell us out. And this year, if you're a gay New Yorker, there is one man who should be at the top of that list: State Senator Greg Ball.
The Republican New York state senator who was the subject of a pornographic advertisement has easily won his primary bid