Robert was a bit more adamant in his decision, telling WNYT: "I think it's our right to choose who we market to, like any
The speaker's wedding came just a week after President Obama's historic announcement that he supports marriage equality. She
And Part 3, live Wednesday, follows Kristen and Sarah from the Senate's vote in June to the October evening just a few weeks
Jumping the Broom was one of the best examples of blacks to buck the status quo in the pursuit of what was right. In legalizing same-sex marriage, New York State has also done the right thing and will allow many more to jump the broom into full equality.
Everyone really does love a wedding, especially Wendy Smiley and Madeline Davis of Buffalo, N.Y. who want to celebrate the
As New York State joins the ranks of countries and other jurisdictions recognizing same-sex marriage, it's worth reflecting on rights and respect.
Being the "last one standing" in an unjust cause is no reason for pride. History is the final judge. When it comes to issues as basic as individual rights and justice, in the political game, the last one standing loses.
I am grateful that time heals and that we grow, and that our country knows how to grow with us. It is a very proud day to be gay.
When news broke that New York would be the sixth state to legalize gay marriage, New Yorkers flooded the streets in jubilation
New Yorkers celebrated last night after Governor Cuomo signed the Gay Marriage Bill, and of course, many people took to twitter
The significance of that difference cuts both ways, said Michael Dorf, a professor at Cornell Law School who studies the
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New York became the sixth state in the union to support same sex marriage on Friday. New Yorkers watched with bated breath
The measure passed the Republican-controlled state Senate by a margin of 33 votes to 29 votes. Below, a slideshow highlighting
The bill's success this time reflected the powerful support of Cuomo and perhaps a change in public attitudes. Opinion polls
When asked if he would trade the Super Bowl to block gay marriage, Tyree said he "probably would." Tyree will always be remembered
Diaz Sr. made clear he loves his granddaughter, but would not attend a wedding between her and her girlfriend if gay marriage
As gay rights advocates intensify their campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, the bulk of their money is coming
Members of the LGBT activist group The Power disrupted the Queens party with anti-Monserrate cries referencing his assault
Marriage equality is perhaps the most painless, inexpensive way for the New Jersey legislature to grow the state economy.