New York Jets

The Jets' quarterback bust had a super-cringe moment in another loss, but it wasn't during a play.
The football team had "bad blood" after a jab by Luke Bryan and the Hall of Fame quarterback at the 2023 CMA Awards.
The injured Jets quarterback was caught on video hinting that an epic comeback was near as the team faltered on Monday Night Football.
Swift watched Kelce's Chiefs alongside Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman during a star-filled game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.
In a note that went public, Kaepernick told the team his proposal "allows for multiple things."
The Hall of Famer delivered a damning diatribe against the New York team's current quarterback in the wake of Aaron Rodgers' injury.
The Hall of Fame quarterback repeatedly mocked the New York Jets' draft bust on ESPN's "Manningcast" after Rodgers' injury.
The quarterback was injured on his fourth snap in his debut with the New York Jets, needing to be carted from the sideline.
May the boy's enthusiasm translate into the team reversing its fortunes.
The four-time NFL MVP quarterback predicts a trade to the New York Jets is in his future.