New York Mets

The Angels pitching coach, who managed the Mets in 2018-19, sent suggestive notes and asked one woman for nude photos, The Athletic reported.
The MLB executive sent the uninvited texts while working for the Chicago Cubs.
The New York Mets second baseman will miss the entire 2021 season and lose $24 million in salary.
The Hall of Fame pitcher was the face of the "Miracle Mets," the legendary team that won the World Series title in 1969.
With sports seasons on hold, fans around the world are left to cope with the loss.
Wild card-chasing New York blew a 6-run lead in the ninth inning to the Washington Nationals, and the faithful vented.
Sam Haggerty learned of his promotion to the New York Mets in a great setup speech from his manager, Tony DeFrancesco.
Wilson Ramos discovered their third child was on the way, but he didn't deliver at the plate.