I too, share Darius' diagnosis. But I've had a gazillion more opportunities than Darius. The whole gist of Darius' dilemma
The last place we imagined our daughters would be objectified would be while riding the New York City subway to school. There are three ads currently on display from Doctor's Plastic Surgery -- one more offensive than the other.
New York City, the greatest metropolis in the world, looks great on the outside. There are gleaming luxury high-rise buildings, shiny new neighborhoods and energetic tourists everywhere. But looks are deceiving.
It is difficult to understand how calling for a minimum wage increase is political rather than a matter of social and economic justice. We are living in a country where 46 million people are working for wages of less than $15 an hour.
Not that I wouldn't have done it too. I was walking the other night along the edge of the Harlem River, at or near where
Little background on me, you're not the first person to say I'm not a man. In fact, this isn't even the first time I've been told I look like a girl.
Whether you want to be closer to work, or closer to awesome dim sum, finding a more convenient (but still affordable... please?) place to live is something pretty much every New Yorker considers at some point. Well, this should help you do exactly that.
By: Thrillist More: What Every US State Is the Worst At Unless you're trying to get somewhere, the Manhattan subway map is
Why are you messing with NYC's specialized high schools -- a part of our educational system that actually works pretty well, instead of focusing on things that don't?
The people who keep the subway humming work under a variety of strange conditions that would be foreign to most New Yorkers