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The victim, a recent college graduate, said she is heading back to Taiwan until the city is safer.
The Sergeants Benevolent Association says it is “declaring war” on New York City Mayor De Blasio after NYPD officers were apparently targeted in two separate shootings.
NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold in 2014, has been fired.
Detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall resigned ahead of an internal department trial.
The officers have pleaded not guilty to a 50-count indictment, saying the sex was consensual.
The breach dates back over a decade.
Officer Masood Syed sued the department, saying that the no-beard policy was unconstitutional.
Yaacov Behrman is the director of a substance abuse prevention program in Crown Heights. The police initially charged the
What's clear is that strong animal cruelty laws and dedicated enforcement go hand in hand with the elevation of public attitudes about the seriousness of these crimes. Each inspires and activates the other, and both are necessary to effectively tackle this problem.
Surveillance is about power. Vigilant gives the NYPD power to monitor our whereabouts. By demanding answers to critical questions about NYPD's use of surveillance tools, New Yorkers can begin to take back the power imbalance created by the new era of mass digital surveillance.