new york police department

The sweeping inquiry of the police unit that inspired TV’s “Law & Order: SVU” comes following years of complaints about the way they treat crime victims.
A federal jury rejected Thomas Webster's claim that he was defending himself when he tackled the officer and grabbed his gas mask.
Full Segment: Plaintiffs in a class-action suit against the NYPD argue there is "no reason" police are stopping hundreds of thousands of young men. But is the real reason quotas?
The former undercover detective testified about endemic corruption in the New York Police Department in 1971.
“I’m not praying any of these people get hurt or harmed, but they need to see firsthand how bad the streets really are," the Blue Lives Matter founder said.
Online videos show protesters being arrested after they barged into the Queens, New York, restaurant without showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
The victim, a recent college graduate, said she is heading back to Taiwan until the city is safer.
The Sergeants Benevolent Association says it is “declaring war” on New York City Mayor De Blasio after NYPD officers were apparently targeted in two separate shootings.
NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold in 2014, has been fired.
Detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall resigned ahead of an internal department trial.