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That would be "the same troubling surveillance it has conducted for decades on political activists."
Bell expressed cynicism at the idea that Baltimore cops will be held accountable for Gray's death. At one point, demonstrators
Tuesday also brought news that a Texas grand jury declined to indict Officer Juventino Castro in the deadly January shooting
Still, Gordon stressed that Monday's event was about stopping all violence. "We're not here in anger, because a loss is a
Demonstrators flooded New York City's streets Saturday afternoon and into the evening, swarming the NYPD headquarters and
The clergy also called the lack of accountability within the police department "a spiritual problem," citing the work of
One plan is to take the demonstrations to the Barclays Center sports arena on Monday, where Britain's Prince William and
#forever21 #EricGarner #ShutItDown #nyc — Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) December 7, 2014 Protesters
She claimed that police are scared now because they don't know where the next protest will pop up. Alex Salazar, a former
The turnout for Friday's protests was sharply lower than the thousands of demonstrators who briefly disrupted traffic at
MARCHERS INVADE APPLE STORE On Thursday, protests erupted in Phoenix, Arizona after a police officer shot dead an unarmed
"Connecting the dots between Brooklyn, Staten island and Ferguson is exactly what the mayor of this city does not want us
While we can and should continue to work towards viable fossil fuel substitutes, the thought that such alternatives will meet energy demands in the short run is, unfortunately, a fantasy. Which means that the most, and perhaps only, surefire way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is simply to consume less.
The future of the NY tech community is in jeopardy...The cure that is being proposed and championed by the lobbying power
I sympathize with Occupy Wall Street to the degree that I can discern their goals but I find myself continually frustrated by the movement itself. Here is my holiday wish list of four things I would like to see from OWS.
"If anyone's actions cross the line and threaten the health and safety of others," the mayor said, "including our first responders
Today I am joining arms with Cornel West and others to voluntarily land myself in the custody of the police. We are conducting non-violent civil disobedience to put a Stop to the NYPD policy of "Stop & Frisk."
Under all of Occupy Wall Street's signage, there's a fundamental truth we can't afford to ignore: the growing income gap in this country is a big problem for everybody. Yesterday, though, they crossed a line in the sand.
Here are a few easy comebacks covering everything from the supposed "hypocrisy" of demonstrators who buy cardboard to snarky comments about scruffy-looking anticapitalists with beards.