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There's no higher praise on Staten Island than he "tells it the way it is.”
The crowd started to jeer. “De Blasio’s got to go!” went one chant. “That is not right,” he added, “and that is why we must
Arnold would have faced a challenger in a September primary, and it’s unclear how her affair would have impacted her electoral
Paladino, who has ties to the birther movement, has spent most of the year focused on the Buffalo schools. He has generated
I was checking the Phillies score on my phone when Eliel, the night manager at the Bowery Poetry Club, popped out and found
In July of last year, Paladino went so far as to sue the Buffalo School Board over the naming of Dr. Pamela Brown as district
National Democrats are cheering the Tkaczyk win even though Republicans continue to dominate the chamber. The Democratic
Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) and Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein (D
Klein and his allies formed the IDC after Republicans grabbed control in the 2010 election, citing Democratic Senate "mismanagement
On Election Day, Democrats had appeared to win back control of the Senate. As the month has progressed however, and as two
************************* What's happening in your district? The Huffington Post wants to know about all the campaign ads
Wagner's Facebook page and Ball's video titles both highlight the fun-in-the-office themes of the dance videos. Republicans
The Republican New York state senator who was the subject of a pornographic advertisement has easily won his primary bid
Grisanti is facing a primary contest Thursday against attorney Kevin Stocker. (The full mail piece can be seen on BuzzFeed
So who are the Republicans of New York City and where do they reside? As with Democrats and independents in the city, the
The Republican Party of New York City may be an empty shell, but it's a shell that serves an important function -- giving people a choice. We're all better off if they pick somebody who will at least give the Democratic nominee a serious challenge.
Another heckler, Delores Vann, lambasted the whole display as a medium for politicians to take advantage of children. She
Republicans regained control of the New York Senate in 2010 following a two-year hiatus and hold a 32-29 majority, with one