We need to make clear connections between gender inequality, sexism, and the harassment experienced by LGBTQ and gender non-conforming kids -- including girls who express sexual agency. Student activism can be a useful tool for bringing awareness to schools.
I had no idea what to expect when I learned I would be matched with a mentor during my freshman year of high school through iMentor.
"What does the skull say to you,?" asked Justin, a New York City high school student. "It's got some hair coming down over his eye, it looks evil and scary," answered a middle aged man.
Although demanding and time consuming, the school selection process has been a remarkably enjoyable and inspiring experience for our family. We became familiar with truly wonderful schools. We were impressed by their admirable programs and by their inspiring educators and leaders. Nonetheless, with every school visit, it became clearer and clearer which school is our first choice school -- our perfect match.
Garcia filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights in November over the way the city funds
Schools that offer full-day city-funded pre-K are reimbursed an average of $10,000 a year per pupil. Parents who pay for
Governor Cuomo has proposed major changes to teacher evaluations in New York State. We want to let you know, from a teacher's perspective, the changes this law could bring to public schools -- and to our profession -- if it passes.
People are searching for a way to transform an economic system that benefits the few over the many. They are searching for fairness, opportunity, justice and real change. I believe that search can and should lead to the labor movement.
60 years after Brown we must reduce racial isolation and demand that resources are shared equally in our city. The next generation is relying on us to fulfill the promise of that most important of decisions in 1954.
Carpenter is in her first year at TEP, which opened in 2009 with much national fanfare for its fresh ideas -- most prominently its promise to pay starting teachers $125,000 a year, 40 percent more than the city's starting rate.
Instead of lowering standards, underperforming students with disabilities should be encouraged to learn at higher levels
"There's a real fault line between the first Bloomberg term and the second two. That's why you hear such a critique," de
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When applying to independent schools, you may find yourself swimming in a sea of acronyms and tests. Two tests, inevitably, will stand out: the SSAT and ISEE.
Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Education are rushing to assure parents and school that these sub par grades will not reflect negatively on report cards, middle and high school admissions, teacher evaluations, and school ratings. But how can they not?
“We didn’t want to get thrown out on a technicality,” Ackerman remembered, “so I officially asked for maternity leave, since
Simple strategies, such as the use of restorative circles in classrooms, provide opportunity for students to communicate with their peers and teachers about feelings and concerns, reducing the anxiety and misunderstanding that produce tension and conflict in schools.
Three years old. That's how old the little girl was. She was walking to school with her grandmother when an SUV jumped the curb and hit them.
However, Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where Joey was staying, said that the incident was a byproduct of state law. According
“These two things together, a longer day and high needs intense literacy training … We know that’s part of the solution to