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A Times spokeswoman said Monday that the paper had been working with China's Foreign Ministry since the summer to transfer
In China, foreign journalists need to first obtain a press card from the Foreign Ministry and then use that accreditation
“We stand up for free trade, but take reciprocal action regarding trade issues,” Mooney added. “Why not do this with the
Times China correspondent Edward Wong reported on Nov. 8 that Bloomberg News held a story about financial ties between wealthy
JPMorgan Chase stands accused of essentially funneling funds to Wen Jiabao's only daughter to win business in China, bringing a federal probe. Yet the takeaway here merely reinforces a truth that has long been evident to those paying attention to the pungent interplay of money and power in China: Despite the prattling of global business leaders that their presence in China is a wholesome boon to justice and right, they have frequently enriched themselves by engaging in the very dirty doings they claim to disdain.
The New York Times piece about the hacking attack that hit the paper from China is so radioactive there that CNN was blocked
Last year, the security firm Imperva found antivirus software detected only 5 percent of newly created viruses. Some antivirus
The New York Times says that it was targeted repeatedly over four months by Chinese hackers looking for information about an explosive investigation.
The stories, by Shanghai bureau chief David Barboza, appeared in October. They detailed the immense wealth of Prime Minister
New York Times correspondent Chris Buckley was forced to leave mainland China on Monday because the Chinese government did
The Bo Xilai scandal is many things. It is intriguing, complex, significant, and even sexy. But don't believe the hype. It will no more bring down Beijing than Watergate brought down Washington.