new york times mistake

Well, that’s embarrassing. As Talking Points Memo notes, the published article also included a reference to “B Matter,” shorthand
Today, the Times has committed yet another huge front page error with a glaring typo in the lead Ebola story. This could
The New York Times committed a major editing error on Monday, publishing a story without including a byline, subheading, date
Can you spot it? Look closely at the second headline in the lead story about President Obama. "Tells West Point Cadets That
Apparently, The New York Times published a glaring mistake on its front page every single day for more than a century before the error was finally fixed.
It's unclear exactly what happened, but according to a Times' correction, which was issued on New Year's Day in 2000, the
The New York Times issued a correction Friday that definitely falls up there with the paper's best corrections, like this