New York Yankees

The Yankees turned back to the clock to their childhoods on "the worst defense you will see in MLB all year" against the San Diego Padres.
The Yankees slugger and his dachshund made quite a team in a pregame frolic.
“That’s a first,” Nevin said before Thursday’s series finale against the New York Yankees.
“My heart was beating pretty hard,” Anthony Volpe told reporters later.
The Yankees legend expressed remorse to Howard Stern about cheating on women.
The Yankees praised Pepitone’s “playful and charismatic personality and on-field contributions" that made him "a favorite of generations" of fans.
The Baseball Hall of Famer recalled the article of clothing he wore “in front of thousands of” New Yorkers in 2004.
The slugger told Jimmy Fallon he stayed in New York for the love of four-legged besties (and $360 million).
The New York media star didn't take kindly to a diss about his ESPN Radio show's ratings.
Fraser described a profanity-laced run-in he and his crew had while filming "The Scout."