New Zealand Earthquake

Christchurch in New Zealand was my home for six years. I didn't choose the city though. Rather, it got chosen for me.
Once again I am pleased to thank New Zealand. No country, outside of my native United States, has treated me better than New Zealand.
Ban is an expert in the construction of temporary structures. He has designed paper houses, pavilions and emergency shelters
Despite the debt crises, the Prime Minister was able to meet with many of the most important Cabinet officials, lawmakers, and the president. He met with the president for about a half an hour, and then they made statements to the press corps.
A tsunami warning has been issued for New Zealand, the Kermadec Islands and Tonga. NEW YORK — A powerful magnitude-7.8 earthquake
The two tremors -- a magnitude 5.2 and 6.0, respectively -- damaged several buildings, injured dozens and left almost 50,000
Mexico City has developed a series of initiatives to better enable both Mexico City's government and our 20 million citizens to respond quickly to a deadly earthquake.
The resilience and the determination of the New Zealand people cannot be underestimated. They are rebuilding their beautiful city of Christchurch, even as new earthquakes continue.
Mother Nature today, yesterday the loss of a job, the illness of a friend or the unspeakable violence of someone wielding a gun in Arizona forces us to re-decide where to place our faith and what really matters.
And some are now wondering if that fourth corner – running from British Columbia to Southern Columbia – is about to go. Same
The winning bidder will be able to use the uninvited guest however they would like, but Johnson has some tongue-in-cheek
Few understand the unique nature of this fiercely proud and independent country which is now suffering the terrible loss of so many in the recent Christchurch earthquake.
As the BBC is reporting, the pair of items -- a glass bottle containing rolled-up parchment and a metal cylinder -- were
Mayor Bob Parker said that the Anglican cathedral would be rebuilt. "There is some discussion that that is a building we
After her rescue, "I said to people, 'When I was in there I was thinking, I'm meant to be married in three days,'" she said
Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can radically alter lives, bring people who would otherwise remain strangers together, and help make the world a more peaceful and cooperative place.
Perhaps it's the small size of the New Zealand government, or the tight-knit nature of Kiwis, or the Kiwis' propensity for enjoying a tough scrum, but I know New Zealand will recover from this disaster with its spirit intact.
Whether it's an earthquake in New Zealand or massive school closings, people around the world need your help right now. We've
An earthquake in ChristChurch, New Zealand this Tuesday February 22 has damaged the city's iconic works of architecture, including
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