Vaughn Miller is a 25-year-old EMT working in Syracuse, New York. When the opportunity to deploy to a pandemic hotspot presented itself, Vaughn quickly agreed.
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is quitting his bid to become the next president of the United States.
Newark, New Jersey, could be the next Flint if officials do not solve the lead water crisis that’s hurting the city and its residents.
Anyone can see what’s going on in Newark, New Jersey. Using the Citizen Virtual Patrol, the public has 24/7 access to the city’s growing network of surveillance cameras. Officials say it’s part of an effort to reduce crime and restore community trust in the police. Opponents say the system leaves room for civil rights abuse and privacy violations.
Demonstrators turn out in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Jacksonville and Boston.
Indeed, his regard for the maternal would qualify him for writing Hallmark cards. Recently he described us mothers as "testifying
The decision by Frontline to focus on the brutality of a few rather than airing the many examples of how people are coming together to reduce police/community conflict is symptomatic of the larger media mindset in America, a very dangerous mindset.
It has been said that networking is both an art and a science; but at Clinton Global Initiative meetings, it is the opportunity for impact. Over the past several years I have had the privilege of working with the team at CGI on issues such as redefining "First Responder" assumptions for humanitarian relief in Africa, and rethinking refugee response paradigms in the Middle East.
Get up. Dry your tiresome red eyes. Bow down on both knees. Say your prayer. Light your candle.
On June 3rd, 2016 I took a road trip to the White House with 38 seventh-graders from Newark, NJ, and it's a day that I'll never forget.
"I think there are many gun laws that could make all of us safer, but realistically, I think we should just try to close the loophole in the existing background check law."
Returning to New York is like running in to a gorgeous ex -- not just any ex, but "the one that got away." The one you left saying "it's not you, it's me." The one that looks like a movie star to everyone else, but all you can see is how they look in the morning, with disheveled hair and coffee breath.
The door of opportunity to a middle class job at the Port of New York and New Jersey, America's third busiest port, is largely closed to Newark residents.