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 The mulling of Dr. Ben Carson for Secretary of Education by Donald Trump was perplexing, if not alarming. The appointment
Drinking water at the schools had been contaminated with lead.
Thirty Newark schools have turned off their water systems after detecting elevated levels of lead.
"Change in education takes time and requires a long term focus."
Christie and Baraka will issue a statement outlining future plans for the district in coming days, says the press release
UPDATE: 4:02 p.m. -- Later Friday afternoon, students announced that they would be ending the sit-in at 5:30 p.m. The students
The protest to preserve the history curriculum is important for many reasons. If the so-called education reformers are not careful, they may bring on that catastrophe by toppling the only remaining institution dedicated to reinforcing civic values -- public education.
One Newark, unveiled last December, gives students the option of attending a school besides the one in their local neighborhood
For her part, Anderson said she suspects the One Newark rollout may have followed a different narrative in a year that didn't
Also in January, several senators sponsored a bill that would force the state to relinquish control of local school districts
Anderson, who is white, alluded to the verbal attacks in a Tuesday press release: “I am an educator who believes that we
Newark's inconvenient truth: Our poorest neighborhoods, disproportionately African American, contain some of the lowest-performing public schools in the country and have for a long time.
Under universal enrollment, parents will simply fill out a single application to rank their top public district or charter school choices.
I hope that the lesson emerges from Quitman, and similar turnarounds, that the better approach is to invest in socio-emotional supports, teaching children to be students, and thus laying the foundation for high-quality instruction.
Tagoe is searching for another job but still volunteers to help when parents and students seek assistance or information
Teachers rated “effective” or “highly effective” under a new evaluation system will be eligible for annual bonuses ranging
Newark teachers will get grants to develop innovative classroom programs from the $100 million donated by Facebook founder
What Newark needs is a commitment to sustain the gains already made through research-proven, effective investments, practices and initiatives, designed to reach all students, not just a few.