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We have other things on our mind. Like iPad covers. GriffinTechnology makes one called "Survivor." Designed to meet or exceed
Drinking water at the schools had been contaminated with lead.
Federal law doesn't currently require lead testing in most U.S. schools.
Thirty Newark schools have turned off their water systems after detecting elevated levels of lead.
I must say, I love Christina Jackson, and not just because she studied and graduated from the Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey, but because she totally corrected me when I goofed up about her HBO Boardwalk Empire seasons.
"Change in education takes time and requires a long term focus."
The merit pay system was helped made possible with a $100 million donation from Mark Zuckerberg.
"Conditions on the ground have not improved. They've gotten worse."
There have been some positive changes, but Newark has a long way to go.
Christie and Baraka will issue a statement outlining future plans for the district in coming days, says the press release
When Mayor Ras Baraka joined a student protest on Newark's main drag last Wednesday, it was if New Jersey media had collectively decided they were going to silence the dissenting voices of Newark.
The "One Newark" plan, announced at the end of last year by state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson, calls for the relocation
Several New Jersey teens seeking to oust state-appointed Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson are planning to take further
Despite efforts to silence and outspend dissent, in city after city, in town after town, New Jersey students, parents and teachers are fighting for their public schools.
I walked with Jeffries and a group of his supporters last week as he canvassed Newark's South ward, which he does regularly, despite it being an extremely time-consuming effort.
How do we make room for bold and inspirational public servants if those who dare to take on big issues become largely vilified -- like Cami Anderson?