John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have released the first photo and revealed the name of their baby boy.
Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) appeared on the Senate floor today with a special guest: her newborn daughter Maile.
Julia Stiles shut down mom-shamers on Instagram in the best way.
Last year, Davis and colleagues analyzed 25 proposed neonatal trial designs submitted by pediatric clinical trial groups
Keeping the peace • Developing humility early in a relationship may provide a storehouse of "relational capital" that can
For the most part, the empirical information relied upon by the dueling medical associations is the same -- but their interpretation
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It might surprise you, but I do look back on my pregnancy fondly. It was not perfect, and there were some very low lows, but
I'm a strong believer in evidence-based medicine, and we know we can take steps to keep our babies safe during their sleep.
Smart devices include smart bottles, smart clothes, smart measuring devices and improved wearables/video monitoring keep
You are two weeks old, so there are only a few things we know about you.
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With the few legislative weeks remaining in the 115th Congress, I call on my Congressional counterparts who have so far been unwilling to support the President's Zika funding request to reverse course.
August is National Breastfeeding Month and if you're a nursing mom you know how breastfeeding can sometimes feel like the most frustrating and unnaturally difficult things you ever have to face as a parent.
It wasn't all that long ago that we brought home my 2-year-old son, yet it's been enough time for amnesia to set in.
When Kerry O'Reilly Wilks was 33 weeks pregnant with her second child, she went to St. Michael's Hospital with back pain one evening, looking for advice on pain relief. Instead she was told that she would have to deliver the baby that night or both of them would die.
It is so hard to believe the fact your baby is already 6 weeks old AND how different they look in photos from 10 days old! When I look at these photos of my baby now, it's really noticeable how much more little all his features are. It's exciting to see him get more expressive and lifting his head but also slightly sad that they do in fact grow so fast just like everyone tells you.
Some babies develop this cycle like champs, and some... some not so much. Newborns have a very different sleep cycle than