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Our hearts go out to Ms. Abedin as she endures her husband's latest sexting scandal. But, even more heartbreaking is that their four-year-old son has been dragged into the public's eye. The parents have chosen careers that open up their lives to the world: it's to be expected. But, the child is innocent, yet he will bear the scars of all this unseemly fallout.
I can’t remember who it was, but someone once said to me, “There are five people who will determine what happens in your
You are all alone during your parenting time. There is no partner there to bounce things off of.
When one person decides they are done, I believe that really is the end.
Frustration can make a person really, really angry. Infuriated. Mad. Bonkers! So, if you are feeling this way, what are you
One would think that after spending almost 20 years living in downtown Chicago it would be unlikely that I fall victim to a scam. Not the case. A couple weeks ago, I took my kids to the Cubs game. It was a perfect weather day, we had great seats, the game was nail biting, and the hot dogs delicious. Everyone was happy.
Hating your ex is toxic. It is toxic to your kids, to your professional life, to your romantic relationships and mostly to yourself. Hating long enough will kill you. It's a really, really bad disease.
Although I like Facebook a lot, I think there are so many evils that come with the social media giant, and that for divorcees and those going through a breakup, it truly can be the devil.
My last piece of advice is, don't let the divorce make you bitter. I am of the opinion that not being bitter is something you need to nip in the bud early in the divorce process. In other words, catch it now before it becomes habit
Trying to cope with divorce isn't easy, but gets even more difficult when you find out your ex is dating someone, which in
Just like parenting with a live-in spouse or partner, co-parenting has its joys -- and its challenges. In my view, though, co-parents have an extra responsibility to their children given the family rupture. Here are four reasons why effective co-parenting matters more than ever.
Fear of change is one of the biggest characteristics and challenges of a divorce. It doesn't matter whether your spouse left you or you left him, change is scary. Even if deep in your heart you know the marriage can't work any longer, change is scary. And even if you know that staying in the past is most likely worse than facing the unknown future, change is scary.
No one doubts that going through a divorce is devastating. For months, sometimes years, people experience intense stress, fear, anger, and sadness. But there are silver linings of divorce, one in particular that I think is commonly experienced by divorced men.
Dating after divorce is tough territory and it needs to be done right and it can be, as long as you use common sense, date when you are truly ready, and avoid getting your heart invested with the wrong people.
It all began at a diner where I was having lunch with my boyfriend. I can't even remember what we were talking about, but somehow the conversation shifted to me complaining about being a single mom with not enough time and some other typical challenges that go along with being divorced.