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Chandelier fixtures dazzled above equally gorgeous creatures and creations at the Grand Tasting Pavilions for the Second
It seemed a wild, impossible dream a year ago when I told my wife and young daughters I was going to drive a bus shaped like a coffin across America to raise life extension issues.
Thanks to the weather gods, the temperatures are still warm out west, making California the perfect spot for the yummiest food and wine tasting events this fall. Sunny skies, yummy local wines, celebrity chefs -- there are an embarrassment of riches to choose from for the ultimate foodie.
It's unclear how she got so far from shore.
Someone wielding a "chainsaw" -- actually, a leaf blower -- decided to ruin everyone's evening.
Take in the California coast by horse. Saddle up on Santa Barbara Beach Horseback Ride's relaxing excursion along Butterfly Beach or view the ocean from on high on their Mountains and Bluffs ride.
This whale is everything! Off the coast of Newport Beach, California, last weekend, a drone video captured spectacular footage
On June 14, 1925, a chubasco, an unexpected swift and violent squall, came barreling through Southern California, specifically Newport Beach. A chubasco is a very intemperate storm, shocking in its violence and strength.
Is it miserable and stormy outside? Again! When you're stuck inside, sometimes life's greatest pleasures can be found by
"I just kept pinching myself," Patty told the L.A. Times of her magical experience. "I looked at him and I said, 'You did