Newport News, Virginia

The president tells the Newport News, Virginia, crowd that the only legitimate election is the one he wins.
This duo is rebuilding bee habitats with a 13-mile stretch of pollinator gardens through Newport News, Virginia.
Democrats are “breathing a sigh of relief,” a Virginia politics expert says.
A loss in a state won by Hillary Clinton would be a major blow for the party.
An “existential crisis” inspired Democrat Chris Hurst to run for a Virginia House of Delegates seat. His past as a TV journalist could help him win.
The win is a disappointment for many progressive activists, who were cheering on Tom Perriello.
Tom Perriello is hoping to upset Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the race for governor.
For a civil lawsuit community often deemed the "longest running" in America, with decades of science and judicial decisions, it remains truly amazing that so very much seems to be unsettled.
Newport News, Virginia is getting national attention for, in effect, using maritime law to work around business-friendly state laws and even higher-court judicial decisions.
If you look closely, there is evidence that local politics can still be critically important. The real advances made, for example, in a host of issues.