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TOM: Who would you like to spend the day with - Ramona, Countess Luann or Sonja. It can only be one. WILLIE: Do I have to
Watching a local newscast this morning, I was horrified when I saw two more TV newsreaders had become infected with a virus that transforms them into sub-human, brainless prompter puppets I call "Setwalkers" - zombie-like news creatures who move from monitor to monitor.
The hair may be fake, but the addiction is real.
NBC wants to put their one time superstar on the staff of MSNBC. For those who have served in a high position in any major network, this is a form a purgatory, a way of firing someone without actually pulling the trigger.
It might seem as if anchors don't have much to do but read from a prompter and look nice, but, there's a lot more that goes into anchoring than that. My first producer explained live news like this, "There is a train that's coming at 6:00. You have to get on that train, prepared. If you're not ready, the train is still leaving, and you will still be on it."
Both Williams and O'Reilly have been successful because of personalities that attract viewers and ratings, not because of
Whatever the case, Brian Williams' downfall is symptomatic of our culture. No doubt Williams felt compelled to spiff up his newscasts.
According to a search done using TVEyes, MSNBC did not mention the story until 10:49 a.m. Wednesday, with anchor Jose Diaz
In a Q&A with Garza, I asked about her parenting style with her 8-year-old daughter, Danica, the challenges of being a single mom and how she overcomes them, and the specific steps she takes to balance career and motherhood.
A dance party of one, coming right up. H/T Tastefully Offensive Who says news anchors can't have a little fun during commercial