News conference

The Bengals quarterback made a sartorial statement before the game, but he must have been "feeling really goofy" in the same clothes after his team's defeat.
The Jackson State football coach, a Hall of Fame retired pro, griped that the journalist was being "cute."
A woman claiming to be Maria Fernanda from Univision and said she voted for Harris has prompted a White House investigation.
Rob Gronkowski, Dalvin Cook and Travis Kelce turned news conferences into quotation gold.
The president again turned a White House news conference into a campaign speech, but this one left plenty of people on Twitter gobsmacked.
Trump made the comment alongside the president of a nation known for its imprisonment of journalists.
The Housing and Urban Development secretary's team was shooed because they hadn't sought permission to host a press conference in a church lot.
The president says busing is "certainly a primary method of getting people to schools," and blows off any mention of desegregation.
Democrats held a press conference to urge Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to fulfill plans to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 note.
"I have acted more like a scripted robot than a press secretary."