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Trump's tweets calling on four women of color in Congress to "go back" to other countries were racist, full stop. Not "racially charged." Racist.
Wired magazine found infighting and incompetence at the social media giant.
Multiple news outlets won awards for coverage of mass shootings in their communities, including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
The list includes McClatchy, AOL, HuffPost, Yahoo, BuzzFeed and Gannett.
Bolsonaro, nicknamed "Brazil's Donald Trump," has vowed to withdraw government advertising from media outlets deemed to be "lying."
Some politicians say it's inappropriate to talk about climate change when disaster strikes. Most North Carolina voters disagree.
The social media titan says the rankings will determine placement in its News Feed feature.
Misinformation spreads like wildfire after a shooting. But it doesn't have to.
Donald Trump has redoubled his attacks on the news media, suggesting critical outlets should have their licenses revoked. But how realistic is that actually happening?
While Rappoport seems bought into the Breitbart / Trump / Drudge camp, the article is worth reading. Here is a pertinent
Transitioning to a state of hope in our divided political country will not be easy, but it is one that the continuity of
Agents of trust, as advanced by the PR industry, are in fact advocates not information officers. They are trained to drive
In the wake of its failure, the humility one would expect from the media has been largely lacking. Instead of a post-mortem
Eyeballs glass over when viewing a complicated story. Therefore media embraces the simple message and Trump is a master of the simple message.
It's important our voices are heard, but more important that we're making an actual difference in people's lives, while working toward the unity, inclusiveness and education we want for our country. It's time to get to work.
As a nation we have lost the ability to communicate to one another. We speak and we listen only to those with whom we agree.
Islamic State has held Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, for more than two years. The IS forces now face an imminent assault
Indeed, studies have found that when people consume media that include positive interactions between in-group and out-group
This election, I've been trying an experiment, judging journalism from a different perspective, from the outside, as a member of a community and a partisan. I don't like what I'm learning about my profession.