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The Fox News host was all over the place in her hot take on the racist massacre that killed 10 in a New York state supermarket.
Australia has moved forward with a proposal to force social media and search companies to pay media outlets for their content.
Republicans blocked language that would have broadened access to COVID-19 relief to web-only news outlets.
It predominantly focused on U.S. politics and current events, republishing articles from conservative media and paying real Americans to write about politically-sensitive issues.
The president insisted that if Joe Biden wins in November, the “media will go down along with our great USA!”
The scale of the crisis facing the journalism industry requires a radical and dramatic response: a massive public investment in local news.
The Ukraine International Airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran's airport on Wednesday morning.
News outlets report 52-year-old Belinda Gail Fondren was charged with filing or maintaining false public records.
Aides for the Democratic presidential candidate are warning that Trump's lawyer is spreading "outlandish falsehoods and disinformation."
Trump's tweets calling on four women of color in Congress to "go back" to other countries were racist, full stop. Not "racially charged." Racist.