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The 21st century has ushered in an era of unlimited and instant communication. Everyone's opinion can reach around the world. The internet does not discriminate -- it passes on the same content to thousands of different audiences but often with a variety of interpretations.
The scandal caused ripples throughout Britain and prompted Rupert Murdoch to shutter the paper in 2011. At the sentencing
While explaining that the former CNN host replaces real news with "fluff," Davies called Morgan "Mr. Trivial," adding, "[Morgan
The phones of Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, and Kate Middleton, the wife of his elder brother Prince William, were hacked by staff working for Rupert Murdoch's defunct News of the World tabloid, it was revealed in a London court on Thursday.
Prosecutor Andrew Edis told the Old Bailey that messages from William left on Kate's mobile phone, including one in which
LONDON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Three former senior journalists from Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid the News of the World have
Rusbridger is completely clear-eyed about just how stressful his job is, and by confronting -- rather than denying -- the
Margaret Thatcher didn't listen, because to have listened might have diminished her absolute conviction she was right, as well as her determination to change radically the way Britain did business, regardless of the social fall-out. But her inability to listen would be her undoing.
On Friday, British media reported that Richard Wallace, a former editor of the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror's sister paper
While Rebekah Brooks, together with her fellow ex-News of the World editor Andrew Colson are looking at potential prison time, yet another member of the ex-News of the World editor's club is doing just fine.
Rupert Murdoch is almost certainly the most powerful person in the most influential business on earth. And yet he is treated as a kind of innocent bystander to the criminal activity allegedly undertaken in his name.
Colin Myler's first half-year at the helm of the Daily News has seemed, from the outside, relatively subdued. Read more on
"News of the World hacked Milly Dowler's phone during police hunt." In the year that followed the Milly Dowler revelations
Some 50 people have since been arrested, including many senior figures from the News of the World and News International
Rupert Murdoch's Sunday baby is having some trouble. Of course, that is still enough to make the paper the top seller on
Murdoch's name is now synonymous with a perversion of the journalistic ideal, an incarnation of the profession obsessed with information at any cost and unfettered by the constraints of law, propriety and a commitment to discovering the truth legitimately.
Jay: And what's the game? Murdoch was hauled over the coals by the inquiry's lead counsel, Robert Jay, over a bizarre moment
"What you have to understand is that when this all started in England, this was one person with one case," Lewis said. "And