The museum dedicated to a free press is also selling MAGA hats and an "alternative facts" T-shirt.
Montana Republican Greg Gianforte is charged with assaulting the reporter the day before winning a U.S. House seat.
Libraries and museums reminded the world of the better alternative to "alternative."
Admission is not free, in fact it's expensive at over $20, because it's not part of the Smithsonian. But my word, it's worth
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Article after article discusses our need to ensure diversity, but they rarely mention disabilities.
Though tech corporations like Facebook, Apple and Google maintain that they are not fundamentally news-media organizations
Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where freedom of expression flourishes. Sadly, that is not the case. At a recent debate on the Yale University campus, 66 percent of the attendees supported a proposition that "free speech is threatened."
I've lost track of the other students in Miss Rankin's social studies class, but I would be interested to hear their reflections on our shared experience. Perhaps a few would agree with me: while we were busy memorizing all those counties, we missed some of the most important lessons of our day.
Elijah is an inspiring example to other young people--and all of us--of resilience, grace, and the ability to beat the odds.
Here we are in the season to celebrate our nation's founding principles, and 33 percent of Americans can't name any of the five freedoms of the First Amendment. That's the latest finding from the Newseum Institute's annual survey on the State of the First Amendment.
The artifacts will update the museum's “Make Some Noise: Students and the Civil Rights Movement” exhibit to include rubber
It is not just immigration law that fails children, as the confluence of immigration, criminal justice, and child welfare systems - referred to as the "treacherous triangle" - often interact (or fail to interact) to represent the concerns and best interests of children.
The "new" (to me) Newseum offers an amazing array of displays and information in its airy galleries packed with information on America's history, geography, politics, international relations, and media-related technological advances.
Ron Burgundy will finally be recognized for his contributions to journalism excellence when "Anchorman: The Exhibit" opens at the Newseum in November 2013.
We have long been sliding toward this merging of exciting entertainment as opposed to boring news and journalism and soon we will not be able to tell the difference, or even care that there is one.
There's also an interactive element for budding Ron Burgundys and Veronica Corningstones: WASHINGTON -- Ron Burgundy will
“Terrorism has altered the landscape in many areas, including the rules of war and engagement, law, investigative and interrogation