Could you work with someone you never met? Many entrepreneurs now do - they're called virtual assistants. Business owners
The report also found that U.S. adults were increasingly using their mobile phones to access online video via YouTube and
Editor-in-Chief Jessica Grose talks with HuffPost about engaging readers in their inbox.
Wouldn't it be easier to just do a Highlights section labelled, "Also Another Newspaper Did A Thing Yesterday?" (This is
You really do offer some incredible sales. However, your products take about three years to arrive, and by the time I do receive them, my daughter no longer wears that size.
Recently I created a survey to help more writers market their books. In exchange, I offered free marketing lessons. I asked one mandatory question in exchange for the lessons, and had one optional fill-in-the-box spot in case anyone had a question.
I am tired of emails. Not because I get too many of them (I do). It's because most of them are pretty dumb. I am what they call in the trade a "base voter." Also consequently, I am on everyone's email list.
By adding intellectually-stimulating reading material to your inbox, you can get the brain workout you deserve. These 10 thought enriching newsletters will have your brain thanking you.
One of the easiest and most profitable methods of monetizing your newsletter is to monetize the real estate within your newsletter.
Newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your audience, but I'm amazed by how many people still have no idea how to manage their own newsletter.
The snark may still come. The newsletters have recently spawned a new Twitter feed -- @RP_Newsletter -- which posts quotes