Twitter users called out comedian Chrissie Mayr after a Chick-fil-A discussion took a turn.
The far-right channel displayed tragic destruction in Iowa to update viewers on a mostly thwarted drone attack in Russia.
The Florida Republican, as a guest host on the network, railed about student loan forgiveness and the debt ceiling talks in Washington.
The Florida governor froze up on Newsmax just one day after technical difficulties spoiled a Twitter Space announcement of his presidential run.
"No one, not a single person, has been held to account," said Giuliani as he rambled about the FBI on Thursday.
She said "pretty much everything" her father-in-law said had come true. Critics begged to differ.
The comic and actor explained what's really going on when someone says "I'm not woke."
The lying lawmaker gets tripped up in his own words.
The freshman lawmaker is the latest conservative to swing and miss in trying to connect a recent event to the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews.
A top Republican and conservative media hosts have been leveling baseless claims against an obscure former Biden official who is Asian American.