The far-right network's Greg Kelly is pushing an unhinged conspiracy theory about the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol.
The right-wing channel personality said critics are "bad" for "trying to make this an issue."
The Texas lawmaker compares his philosophy to Martin Luther King's, even as he rails to overthrow the democratic election.
Some far-right news organizations are now issuing on-air retractions of their vote fraud claims against electronic voting system companies, Smartmatic and Dominion.
Sebastian Gorka cut off Mike Lindell, who raised bogus voting machine claims even after the right-wing channel was threatened with legal action.
Smartmatic, a voting systems company, has threatened multiple outlets with defamation suits.
Smartmatic may hit Fox News, Newsmax and OANN with defamation lawsuits.
Newsmax was mocked in the hilarious send-up of its relentless insistence that Trump's obvious defeat was a victory.
Far-right conspiracy networks are peddling the delusion that the president never lost.
The conservative host said he’s “grateful” for a recent development.