Ex-Obama speechwriter David Litt was asked about Elon Musk's guest-hosting on "Saturday Night Live," but went hilariously off track.
"What people?" The White House press secretary hammers away to nail down the question.
The conservative news network said there is no evidence that Dominion Voting Services employee Dr. Eric Coomer manipulated machines against Donald Trump.
Jen Psaki tore into a right-wing reporter over a bizarre question about a “secret memo.”
Another victim of the stealthy "Psaki bomb," noted a Twitter fan.
The Trump White House press secretary’s mouth moved for 90 seconds but nothing was heard coming out.
The right-wing host tweeted an unbelievable cautionary tale as New York legalized recreational marijuana.
The former president also said that "tweeting gets you in trouble" and hinted at plans to one day start his own social network.
Conservative pundits are desperately seeking a “deplorables” moment for President Joe Biden. “Neanderthal thinking” will have to do for now.
Right-wing media outlets are making hay with a cancel culture panic over Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced it will stop publishing six of the author’s books that feature racist imagery.