newspaper endorsements

"Our fate rests in your hands," declares a Dallas Morning News editorial explaining why it won't recommend a presidential candidate but will discuss ideas.
“There should be no more temporizing, no more denying that Trump’s election would be a shame on our country.”
Fewer than one-fifth of people polled say they know who their local paper is backing.
The editorial board fears that Donald Trump could be America’s Hugo Chávez.
But will these tradition-breaking endorsements matter?
The Arizona Republic backed Hillary Clinton and trashed Donald Trump in the process.
"His political incorrectness is one of his great attractions -- it proves he’s not one of 'them.'"
As it turns out, not knowing anything about Chris Christie was the key factor in the New Hampshire Union Leader's decision.
On MSNBC's Morning Joe, adjectives like "ridiculous" and "cringe-worthy" and "amateur" were used. "And Kentuckians expect
The paper wrote that Gardner, who is challenging first-term Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), would provide "fresh leadership, energy