newspaper layoffs

The Guardian is preparing for steep editorial cuts after a slowdown in advertising sales. Job losses are highly likely, insiders
Gannett announced in August that it would be spinning off its print and broadcast divisions into two separate companies. The
The Daily News is downsizing again, as we reported earlier in Capital's morning media newsletter. Multiple sources told Capital
Click over to Pew for the full report. But it isn't just photographers either. Just recently, the Tribune Co. reported cutting
A broad study by a group of respected journalists into the disruption that the digital age has brought to print has led them
Bhatia reached out to the Huffington Post to clarify that he was not personally involved in laying off his wife, as this
The Oregonian confirmed this morning that the paper will reduce print delivery to three days a week. Read more on
"In the coming days and weeks, we'll be working with all editorial employees to train and outfit you as much as possible
After the news broke, a tipster told Romenesko, “Photog email accounts are already shut down…emails to our photo staff just
Last week, top editors at the Village Voice resigned in protest when they learned that management wanted them to lay off