Arab media aren't facing up to their responsibility of not fanning the flames of hate speech and sedition, and should exert more effort to mitigate conflicts they help provoke.
Al Mustaqbal (Future) TV (Abu-Fadil) Nayla Tueni in her assassinated father Gebran's office (Abu-Fadil) Will Lebanese papers
Though technology may be blamed for many of the news industry's problems, it can also be the missing piece to finding a job in the "new" newsroom; online magazines and digital publishers need talented people to develop, distribute, and manage content.
The report also found that U.S. adults were increasingly using their mobile phones to access online video via YouTube and
There seems to be something special about coworking spaces. As researchers who have, for years, studied how employees thrive
Belsky's novel is a fascinating character study of disgraced journalist Gil Malloy, on the hunt for a serial killer who may very well be in possession of a long-buried secret that could reveal the rotted, corrupt truth behind the Kennedy assassination.
Online stories often have an eternal shelf life that holds no geographical boundaries. The more that traditional media and brands collectively embrace this new normal, the more these challenges will become opportunities for us all.
Report editor Julie Posetti, an award-winning journalist, academic and research fellow at WAN-IFRA, posted a tweet quoting
Okay, I am going to throw down all the cards and go for the outrageous suggestion of this little essay: And we don't go en
The end of "The Newsroom" is near. While "The Newsroom" didn't last as long as Aaron Sorkin's other beloved TV creation, "The
So how does one go about educating journalists? I realize now that change in journalism and communications education is like
Broncos beat Ravens as Peyton Manning throws for 7 touchdowns; Eva Mendes divulges secrets about her role preparation but not her relationship with Ryan Gosling; a Jaguar hunts down a Caiman in South Africa, Allison Pill explains twitter topless pic.
2. Produce and edit with diligence In stark contract to print journalism, content marketing is booming. B2B marketers, for
From my desk in a downtown office roughly equidistant from the Post and the White House, I felt a silence muffle the capital at 4:41, the very moment I was reading the breaking news of the Graham-to-Bezos handoff.
At first I thought it was just a bad audio mix. However, I have cinema surround sound -- seven speakers and a sub-woofer
Citizen journalism has taken a front seat in the world of breaking news and we're starting to see this explored in the script. Finally, traditional media morphs into more multi-faceted reporting on Newsroom.
How to make money from news content means the editorial staff must play a role in initiatives that can help define the future
In all sincerity, I've got to thank Aaron Sorkin for supplying me with the opportunity to come up with the "Newsroom" bingo card. Have fun playing!
The very talented Will Frears directed Build, playing at the Geffen Playhouse. This work is billed as being the world premiere and won the Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award.
Iconic radio, television, and now Internet host Larry King enjoyed his first-ever "geek out" in the What's Trending studio, where we talked about his show on Ora TV, upcoming coverage for YouTube's Politics channel, and rapidly evolving Internet pop culture.