Newtown, Connecticut

Lawyers for the bankrupt Remington offered nine families nearly $3.7 million apiece after the company's Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle killed 20 children and six educators.
Remington manufactured the AR-15-style rifle used to kill 20 children and six adults in the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting.
Lenny Pozner's 6-year-old son Noah died in the shooting. Two authors wrote a book saying it never happened.
Jeremy Richman, father of Avielle, was found at Edmond Town Hall, police said.
Americans strongly support measures like background checks, but they're less convinced they're politically possible.
The following narratives, written by survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting, provide intimate accounts of the transformative nature of trauma.
Classes were dismissed for the day, and police conducted a search of the school.
I love Newtown. I love the people. I love the landscape. I love the annual Labor Day parade. I love it more now, having watched
Thursday marks five years since the horrific tragedy in Newtown.
The number of incidents and innocent lives lost is so painful.