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After Newtown, President Obama pledged meaningful, swift action on gun control. Though the President signed a list of executive
For lawmakers confronted with mass shootings at home, gun violence has ceased being just a policy debate. The loss of lives
WASHINGTON, Dec 9 (Reuters) - In the year since the massacre of 26 schoolchildren and adults in Newtown, Connecticut, efforts
Carlee Soto, whose sister Vicki Soto was a teacher at Sandy Hook, chastised lawmakers for not doing enough to prevent future
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will keep the spotlight on gun violence in his weekly address on Saturday, but he's
"We're here to demand action, and demand that we receive a vote, and that we're allowed to have some peace of mind that our
"They are aghast," Blumenthal told reporters. "It is incredible and unacceptable that a filibuster should stop the vote, and
Among the Bay Area residents with whom the Newtown parents met was Mallie Latham, whose 20-year-old daughter, Shanika, was
Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son was among the 20 children gunned down by Adam Lanza in a Connecticut elementary school
"I think if you did that, then you would never pass the, quote, hard stuff," said Rep. Diana Degette (D-Colo.). "I think
The Newtown-based organization that represents America's gun manufacturers has been quiet since a gunman murdered 26 children
As part of President Barack Obama’s gun violence prevention efforts, the White House placed a call to several nonprofits
"Gwen, I don't think Washington can necessarily answer the question for the nation," Van Susteren said. "What I'm trying
"[T]he question then becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here that it does not just become another
This holiday season has made grievers of us all, as we mourn the victims of this latest shocking instance of our national epidemic of mass murder. In the midst of sorrow, three issues demand discussion.
In a piece titled, "The gun owner next door: What you don't know about the weapons in your neighborhood," the Journal News
New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has long been an outspoken critic of the National Rifle Association. But in an interview
Pressed specifically on whether Obama views gun control as key to reducing gun violence, Carney said that is "part of" the
Since the shooting in Newtown, the NRA has been silent and even took down its Facebook page. This is a developing story and