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Julianne Moore explains why she’s involved with National Gun Violence Awareness Day
My view may not have been so different from that of Maureen Dowd, who once wrote that President Obama had to look deep into his soul to determine who he was. In her view, he emerged with the realization that he was Barry, president of the Harvard Law Review.
He pulled up with his team to open a door, which led to the boiler room. Penna was with the lieutenant and a sergeant, and
The recommendations are part of a report on school emergency preparedness that comes more than six months after the elementary
Artist Julian St. John has been knocked around by schizophrenia, homelessness and addiction, but he is still standing and is ready to impress the art world at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach.
Assault weapons are a problem, but they are also a symptom of frustration and powerlessness out there in America. Simply owning a powerful gun convinces millions of Americans they are free.
Noah Pozner is the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook Massacre. Noah's grandmother, known online as "MC," is a blogger. Through her blog, she is finding ways to grieve and honor the memory of her grandson.
There are many misinformed views that exist to this day about mental illness, even to an extent on the op-ed pages of the New York Times, leading me to wonder, Et tu, Gray Lady?
The cardinal didn't know the deceased, but his presence indicated the impact of the tragedy, the New York Times wrote. “I
What is the moral justification for demanding that if we want guns we should have a moral right to them? And what are the spiritual consequences of this mania to protect our right to have them?