next generation science standards

Improving teaching and learning in the classroom should have been the focus of attention, not tests and charter schools. "Fast and dirty" solutions, such as pressuring teachers to raise test scores, were a mistake.
“He’s clearly inserting whatever he can to cast doubt on climate change,” Hoyos said of Linger. Science education advocates
Representatives of the textbook publishers could not immediately be reached for comment. In response to last week’s report
Students who learn to be confident that their ability to "get smart" is not a fixed trait, but instead a malleable capacity that they can grow as a result of effort, are better able to engage in argumentation and persist through difficult intellectual work.
An Oklahoma House of Representatives committee voted to reject a set of new science standards Monday, in part out of fear
Over time, as the little ones got used to the environment and people, they became more comfortable with expressing their ideas and goals.
While math and science are important tools for engineers and a way for us to attract many students to engineering, I can't help but wonder how many students we are losing along this narrow path.
In Kansas and Kentucky, both of which would eventually adopt the NGSS, the measure previously drew opposition from right
This is a critical time for one of the largest and most economically and culturally diverse public school systems in the country (if not the world).
Why aren't we creating policy to create professional learning experiences to arm teachers with a variety of techniques to engage students? Why aren't we debating policy to shift towards personalized and competency-based pathways to differentiate instruction for all students?