Decluttering is good for the soul and mind. And it pays.
First, the gentrifiers moved in next door. Now, they're wasting my tax dollars calling the police on their neighbors.
Nextdoor had seven co-founders and we all brought our own inspiration to the founding of company. Generally speaking, we
Only 28 percent of Americans can name one of their neighbors. Nextdoor is a social network that aims to connect people in
In describing how we can "build influence in a world of competing ideas," Butman suggests that we look for "iconic moments," even from childhood, where an insight grabbed hold of you and persists in your thoughts.
Speaking of Bill Gates, did you ever interact with him? So you've found that people have lost touch with their neighbors
This is the latest installment in a new series where the HuffPost Teen editors round up five things they're excited about
Now that Facebook is a public company (or will be by the end of the week) and will be making regular appearances on channels