Jair Bolsonaro’s support for the soccer star could further discourage women in Brazil from reporting abuse.
The Paris Saint-Germain player denied the allegations, and at the same time may have committed a cyber crime.
"If he scores, he’s a genius. If he isn’t good on the pitch he starts to be called hot-headed, childish, a poster boy."
Both sides would face off the Melbourne Cricket Ground as per the announcement that was made by authorities of the Victorian
Barcelona star Neymar led Brazil to its first ever Olympic gold medal in soccer by means of a penalty kick victory over Germany at the Maracana Stadium on Saturday afternoon after the game was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation time.
It won't be easy for Neymar to avoid this bloodthirsty opponent called intolerance. Stupidity has no consideration for status, fame or the proficiency with a soccer ball.
Brazil marched to an impressive 2-1 victory against Venezuela in their third match of Group C of the 2015 Copa America thanks to goals by Thiago Silva and Roberto Firmino.
Brazil appeared headed for a draw until Neymar, in extra time, deftly found Douglas Costa on the right of the box, who subsequently slid the ball past the Peru goalkeeper's left hand to give coach Dunga an impressive record of 11 consecutive victories.
'Twas the day before Christmas and all through Neymar's place, Not a whisker was spared, on Brazil's famous face.
The World Health Organization reported a global total of more than 16,000 cases and nearly 6,943 deaths. We also expect economic losses in the billions of dollars in the West Africa region, as employees stay home, markets close, and food prices rise. At the same time, we are seeing some hopeful signs.
The Uruguay star enjoyed a dream start to life in a Barcelona shirt as he laid on Neymar's fourth-minute opener, from which
Tokyo (AFP) - Brazilian superstar Neymar's brain activity while dancing past opponents is less than 10 percent the level
Aside from finalists Germany and Argentina, the tournament also witnessed admirable performances from Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Netherlands.
Clearly, the weight of national expectation had been too great for Brazil's players to bear without the presence on the field of their two leaders to inspire them and hold them together.
Rule No. 1 for being a classy sports fan: Don't celebrate the injuries of your opponents. And if you must celebrate them
Why root for a Brazilian loss? Because if they win, the cries of the poor and desperate in Brazil will be drowned out by the cheers of the soccer-crazed fans who could actually afford to get inside the stadium.
The mouth-watering World Cup semi-final line-up which includes two South American teams for the first time since 1970.