The Kansas City Chiefs were already set to celebrate their Super Bowl win in Washington when the kicker gave a bigoted speech last week.
Tavia Hunt quoted the Bible while defending Butker's speech at a commencement, where he called diversity initiatives a "tyranny" and urged women to stay home.
Stefanie Hillhouse's sarcasm-laced takedown of the Chiefs kicker, her former "co-worker," went viral.
The Kansas City Chiefs kicker recently spoke to the Benedictine College graduating class — which must have been hard, since his foot was firmly in his mouth the whole time.
The Kansas City Chiefs kicker got no love from the league after his polarizing remarks.
Harrison Butker zeroed in on women during a graduation speech — and riled up fans of the popular singer.
Super Bowl kicker Harrison Butker stuck his foot in his mouth railing against “degenerate cultural values” during a commencement speech.
The defensive lineman "was a role model both on and off the field," UAlbany said.
Many people throughout the years speculated Simpson might have the brain disorder.
Rice apologized Monday on social media and said he takes “full responsibility” for the multi-vehicle crash, for which he's now facing several criminal charges.