"I came in this room and everything went bad," a furious Snoop yelled after he was stomped in a game of "Madden NFL 21."
The Super Bowl-winning quarterback was asking for it.
Ariel Young, 5, was critically injured when Reid's car allegedly plowed into hers days before the Super Bowl.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback joked about his not-so-GOAT gait on Twitter.
The mic'd up exchange between the Chiefs quarterback and the Super Bowl MVP went viral.
The mic'd-up quarterback and tight end had a pretty funny chat about touchdowns.
Brittany Matthews sarcastically said she loved "the support" after the sports network tweeted a picture of the Chiefs quarterback looking distraught.
The Chiefs coach said last week's wreck involving linebackers coach Britt Reid "wasn't a distraction" for his team in their Super Bowl defeat.
The Missouri senator didn't exactly help his home state's team.