NFL Combine

The league has a chance to respond to anti-gay discrimination with an actual punishment.
Click below to see Moon discuss the Seahawks' controversial decision to end the Super Bowl. Moon caught up with me on HuffPost
Those who continue to prepare will likely carry this work ethic throughout their careers. And, for the players who simply stop after the Combine, how many underperform, underachieve or don't make the team?
Is there a high level of disgust, criticism, hate, or anger that has been produced by Michael Sam being picked as the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL?
Russell Okung's combine might have had a positive effect on Mel Kiper's projection of him, as he put up 38 on the bench press
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Football, granted, is just a game, but it's a big game on a national stage, and sometimes, what happens on the field can become a life lesson for the rest of us.
Although he ripped Manziel, he still thinks Manziel is a great player. “I don’t like his antics," Switzer said. "I think
But perhaps the best part was watching Eisen react to his run in a mashup with other college athletes at the 2014 NFL Combine
To put Clowney's run in perspective, NFL Network created a simulcam video to have him virtually race other notably fleet
Michael Sam made two things abundantly clear in his first media appearance since coming out as gay: He can handle the spotlight
Missouri defensive end Michael Sam: Unfortunately, Sam will be hounded by the press for non-football reasons. But as I mentioned
As you watch the NFL Draft selections, keep in mind these players began training last spring for the college season and then went straight into six weeks of focused training to try to reach peak performance at the NFL Combine or their college Pro Day.
Players now engage in elaborate training in the period between their last game and the scouting combine in February and the agent takes on the financial and advisory role during the process.
In the 2013 NFL Draft, sheer athletic talent will seduce several professional football coaches, general managers and owners into making a terribly expensive errors. At the highest level of competition in any sport, athletic skill is not enough.
NFP breaks down 14 players who helped their draft status the most with their performance at the Combine. 1. Tavon Austin
It's that time of year when die-hard college football fans and die-hard NFL fans (some of which are one in the same) come together and debate endlessly about the draft and the players in them that can help NFL teams win games over the next 5-10 years.
In a radio interview, college player Nick Kasa said NFL scouts asked him about his sexual orientation during a showcase. So, what does Manti Te'o have to do with it?