nfl domestic violence

"It’s truly astounding how many awful things that occur in this world because men are afraid of appearing weak."
The NFL could potentially offset how structural bias impacts the treatment of black and white players by perhaps getting their own investigators to these scenes alongside the police to conduct independent inquiries at the ground level. But even if such an effort was possible, there is no guarantee the NFL investigators would be any less biased than the local police departments.
"We have concluded that there is an insufficient basis on which to take disciplinary action."
"The employment of this individual is sending the absolute wrong message."
Stephen A. Smith didn’t change his tune on Hardy until Deadspin’s report. That’s wrong.
It doesn’t erase his violent image, though.
Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are what is wrong with America. The Greg Hardy situation is unprecedented territory even for Jerry Jones. It is symptomatic of how we collectively as a country have placed a higher value on winning and profit than on decency and morals.
Typically, when a woman is abused, her abuser tells her it's her fault that this is happening to her. He might tell her that she has been disrespectful, or that the abuse is deserved. Male privilege gives him permission to shift responsibility to his female victim for the acts he has committed.
Nearly a year and a half later, Greg Hardy has yet to apologize for his domestic violence offense.