NFL Draft

The news came just days after the athlete's father was killed by an allegedly accidental gunshot.
The NFL draft is back on ESPN with blanket (read: suffocating) coverage, which always makes me think: What if Americans cared
You would never know it by looking at the NFL Draft.
The former Stanford standout has all of the tools to become an NFL star.
The proposed legislation is similar to the North Carolina law that led the NBA, NCAA and ACC to move events out of the state.
Many college athletes only are on the campus as a way station to the pros. As much as we wish that they would all appreciate
It goes without saying, the athletes embroiled in these controversies and embarrassments are responsible and should be held accountable for their behavior -- whether it be criminal or simply immature. But they are not the only ones at fault.
Just imagine if your average red-blooded American devoted as much attention to foreign wars as they do to their favorite NFL team! Just imagine if America's leaders were held accountable for poor results as NFL coaches and staffs are!
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