1973–74: A rogue White House burgled the offices of the opposing party. The U.S. president then ordered the crime’s cover
In the process, whether we realize it or not, the 'pyramid' we have all become so accustomed to is being turned upside down
Syrian organizations have paused work, and announced a national day of strike, as an outcry against the international community's
An amendment to the law on freedom of assembly that passed in the Polish parliament promises to threaten civic activity even
By recognizing our shared interests and working together, the U.S. government, NGOs, and the private sector can continue
Do the news media enjoy the confidence of anyone these days? In the United States mistrust was on the rise even before the recent presidential campaign.
Image source: Africa Vernacular Architecture Data Base Image source: BBCIS Compliance-tracking paperwork compiled by NGOs
With America unique among developed and most developing countries in its rising maternal mortality, it's especially encouraging to see significant progress in mothers' and newborn survival in sites across the developing world.
And we do. We are proud to have been involved in last year's historic decision to allow women to stand for election to municipal
This 'new normal' demands a different way of doing things, both in our actions to reduce and adapt to the impacts of climate
On Sept. 15, InterAction announced that 31 of its member NGOs had pledged to collectively invest over $1.2 billion in private resources on global humanitarian assistance efforts over the next three years.
This summer, the World Atlas ranked Malawi as the poorest country in the world. Just last month, the Center for Strategic & International Studies reported that Malawi is facing its worst humanitarian crisis in its history as widespread maize harvest failures have created massive food shortages.
In the years following the events of September 11, 2001, the image of the US in the Middle East was at its lowest. There were demonstrations against the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in Egypt and elsewhere, along with calls to boycott US products.
The G20 summit is an opportunity to make clear - to China and to all the G20 nations - that continued economic and other forms of cooperation with the U.S. government depends on their willingness to do the same.
In June 1993 I attended the U.N. World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, the largest ever gathering on human rights, involving
At the same time camps were welcoming new arrivals from the border, some refugees were preparing to depart after many years
As the world tunes into the Rio 2016 Olympics, I feel ambivalent: torn between hoping the Games will deliver for Rio and for Brazil and knowing that, without radical reform, the selection processes for Olympic host cities will continue to have serious negative consequences, often for the most disadvantaged in our societies.
In some countries, we have a roving caregiver program that sends extension workers into the home to teach parents basic parenting
The nonprofit sector occupies a surprisingly large proportion of the US economy. In 2014 alone, nonprofits received over