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And it's not the first time he's used the line, either.
In the two weeks leading up to Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump gained momentum from some high-profile endorsements, among them conservative evangelical leader and Chancellor of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr., oldest son of the late controversial televangelist.
This is not the campaign that Hillary Clinton and the party envisioned.
Watching the Iowa caucus returns this week, I found myself humming an old hit and wondering who among the candidates was more surprised by the results? Was it Ted Cruz, who actually slayed the great and powerful Mr. Trump? Was it Trump who almost came in third to Marco Rubio?
Jon Huntsman Sr., the Republican candidate's father and a billionaire, would not commit to investing more money in his son's
Not long after the final results of the New Hampshire GOP primary were projected, each of the Republican presidential candidates
And yet, if each candidate had a plausible explanation for remaining in the race, they also had obvious reasons to drop out
Rick Perry's campaign attempted to downplay his poor showing in New Hampshire, writing in a Tuesday evening statement that