A man brandishing a knife stabbed at least 18 people in Kawasaki City on Tuesday morning. One child and one adult were killed, officials said.
The Japanese government is also aware of this. It released a white paper on the country's low fertility rate in last May
In 2012, after Mimosa settled in, Widad began drawing cats, which suited her fluffy feline to a flea, and by 2013, she had
August 15 was the end of World War II in Asia, 69 years ago, following the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I could not find a single reference to the bombings, or to the end of the war itself, anywhere in the American media.
Most Japanese speakers do not think twice about using words including "trouble", "risk", "drive" or "parking", among many
French filmmakers and funders defend auteur-driven works, finance documentaries that ask tough questions, and fight back against a mainstreaming of factual filmmaking, is one of the strong suits of Sunnyside.