Viewers groaned for the guy whose game show victory was taped before the coronavirus changed everything.
The decision comes after the NBA also suspended its season due to a player testing positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.
"It's a scary situation," a New York Islanders teammate said after the game against the Montreal Canadiens.
"Taking my toddler to an NHL game tonight. Gonna tell her Elsa made the ice."
David Ayres, 42, had a night he won't soon forget when he helped deliver an improbable win for the Carolina Hurricanes.
The teenager was part of a photoshoot with the orange-fuzzed, crazy-eyed hockey mascot. The team denies the charge.
The "Anchorman" returned to action to weird up a Los Angeles Kings match.
NBC's Pierre McGuire came within inches of being struck in the face with an errant puck.
She said she wished the exchange had gone differently but stressed that girls should be confident and believe in themselves.
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